Vasaka Powder 100gm – Beneficial in conditions like asthma and productive cough


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Vasaka Powder contains vasaka, which has been used widely in traditional Indian medicine for thousands of years to aid in the recovery from respiratory illnesses such as asthma, bronchus inflammation, cough, and other lung and bronchiole abnormalities. According to Ayurveda, adulsa or vasa have kapha/pitta dosha pacifying effects, which aid to remove excess heat from the body. Vasaka Powder aids in the purification of toxic blood and has fever-reducing qualities. Adulsa Powder promotes healthy cardiac function and blood glucose levels.

Benefits of Vasaka Powder:

  • It may help to support healthy respiratory function and as a bronchodilator
  • It might promote the expansion of lung pipes and the removal of sticky phlegm
  • It may support anti-allergic in common cold and skin problems
  • It supports the removal of extra pitta (heat) from the body

Use as directed by the physician.

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