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Lemon Peel 100g Herbal Face Pack


Hesh Lemon Peel Face Pack Powder harnesses the innate qualities of lemons, celebrated for their purifying and toning attributes. This Lemon Peel Face Pack remarkable powder performs like magic on your skin, leaving it invigorated and renewed. Its astringent prowess can contribute to a more taut complexion, promoting a youthful visage. What’s more, it boasts […]

Multani Mitti 100g Herbal Face Pack


Multani Mitti is Fuller’s Mud, a true gift from nature, offers a natural skincare solution when applied to the face. This remarkable natural mud must be transformed into a paste by either mixing it with plain water or the fragrant essence of rose water. Multani Mitti possesses inherent cleansing properties that effectively purify the skin. […]

New Turmeric Powder 100g Herbal Face Pack


Khoobsurat Herbals’ Turmeric Powder with Multani is best suited for oily skin because it regulates the gland that produces the oily substance. It has also been known to be a natural treatment for acne blemishes, black heads and dark spots. Turmeric and multani powder pack also helps to diminish wrinkles, keep skin supple and improve skin’s […]

Orange Peel 100g Herbal Face Pack


Hesh Orange Peel Powder is known have effective astringent properties. The paste has to be massaged on the skin for the cleaning action which may help to clean the pores. The powder may help to add a natural glow to the face. In fact, the paste can even be applied to the hair which may help […]

Rose Petals 100g Herbal Face Pack


Khoobsurat Herbals’ Rose Petals Powder infused with Multani offers the ideal blend for anti-aging and skin rejuvenation. This facial treatment goes deep to cleanse your skin by eliminating dead cells, impurities, and opening up blocked pores, effectively thwarting premature aging signs. Rose Petals powder combined with Multani is particularly beneficial for oily skin, as it […]

Sandal Powder 100g Herbal Face Pack


Sandal Powder is a best remedy to get rid of oily skin. Khoobsurat Herbals Multani Sandal Powder This face pack deep cleans skin by removing dead cells, dirt & brighten the skin. Khoobsurat Herbals Multani Sandal Powder is excellent remover of excess oil. It provides extra spearmint act as natural skin toner and adds extra-long […]