Licorice Powder 100gm – Supports Gastric and Oral Health


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Also known as Yashtimadhu, licorice is known to aid digestion. There are several ancient Ayurveda texts that licorice can help the adrenal glands and other systems of your body. The element glycyrrhizin acid that is found in licorice helps it do the same. The 100% Licorice Powder from Zaarah Herbals has carminative properties that can help make your digestive process much healthier. Its hypoglycemic properties can lower your lipid levels. This natural tonic can do wonders for your respiratory and liver system. The ideal dosage for this herbal product is 3 gms of powder one or two times every day.

Lactating and pregnant women should take this product after consulting with their doctor.


Relieves stomach ulcers

Remedies sore throat, cough and cold

uxSupports the digestive system and reduces acid re

Aids in fighting viral infections

Has anti-inflammatory properties

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