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Chandan Mix Mouth Freshener is a traditional Indian mouth freshener thoughtfully crafted from a blend of natural ingredients, prominently featuring chandan, which is sandalwood renowned for its soothing qualities. Chandan has a prominent role in traditional Ayurvedic medicine, known for promoting oral hygiene and ensuring a consistently fresh breath. Mukhwas, a well-known category of mouth fresheners, is typically enjoyed after meals to cleanse the mouth and rejuvenate the breath. It is skillfully prepared by grinding a combination of seeds, nuts, and spices into a fine powder, mixed with sugar and ghee (clarified butter).

Chandan Mix Mukhwas serves as a refreshing and revitalizing oral hygiene product designed to invigorate breath and cleanse the mouth. Its convenient, portable packaging makes it a hassle-free choice for on-the-go use.

Key Ingredients:

  • Sugar
  • Fennel seeds
  • Sugar-coated saunf (fennel seeds)
  • Sugar balls

Key Advantages:

  • An ideal companion for digestion support and freshening breath after meals.
  • Rooted in Indian tradition, it combines natural ingredients, including soothing chandan (sandalwood).
  • Chandan, a cornerstone of traditional Ayurvedic medicine, contributes to oral hygiene and breath freshness.
  • Chandan Mix Mukhwas is a refreshing and invigorating oral hygiene solution.

Directions for Usage: Consume one spoonful after meals.

Safety Guidelines:

  • Carefully review the product label.
  • Store in a cool, dry, and airtight container, away from direct sunlight.
  • Best before 12 months.
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